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Saab 900 head gasket repair



     It's great to see your article on the saab inboard diagnostic system. It is a valuable tool that surprisingly few Saab owners are aware of. Your instructions however were a little misleading. While it may be the #3 pin on 2.2 systems, it is the #2 pin when dealing with the 10 pin connector under the back seat (2.4 system) I do not know what the effect of grounding #3 pin would be, but it seems possible that one might run the risk of making what can often be a frustrating problem even worse. I have a 1989 900 and use the 'official service manual' (single volume, years 85 -93) put out by Bentley Publishers. It is a great book that has helped me learn a lot. I would however appreciate any tips on finding additional information - on line or in print, and/or a directory of qualified/talented Saab mechanics in my area. I would especially interested in finding a page along the lines of back yard jacks do it yourself Saab diagnostics and repairs. Perhaps I am dreaming. I recently changed the headgasket on my car. While the repair remedied the pre-existing problem, it has left me with a whole new set of bugs. The fault codes I am getting 12223, 12112, 12111. The most in your face problem, however, is an extremely erratic idle. I have checked all vacuum hoses and and almost all the major components. I haven't bothered with oxygen sensor because the problem is most serious when the engine is cold - it is my understanding that the oxygen sensor doesn't begin to work until operating temp is reached. I am going to check my air mass meter today. After this I am afraid I might have to give up because I lack the equipment to properly test fuel pressure ( this where my request for help in finding a good mechanic comes in). I feel like a beaten dog. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks from Maine.

      I will have to go over that flash code article and try to make it more clear. This is why I suggest adding a fuse to the jumper to avoid such problems. As far as additional information on line or in print I really don't know of much, and you have the best after market manual already. Here are a few things to check that I have seen go bad during a headgasket job. For your car I would double check the camshaft timing and all the air plumbing to your turbo and intake manifold. Check the wiring to the coolant temp sensor between cylinder 2 and 3 on the intake manifold. Make sure it is plugged in all the way or has not been swapped with the knock sensor wiring.
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