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Saab Transmission oil change



       I have a 1992 900T with 5-speed. I want to change the trans oil at her 125,000 mile service which is coming up soon. As you know, that model year does not have a drain plug so I will drain via removing the rear differential cover. I will use a new OEM gasket and 10W-30 motor oil. My question is, what is the proper torque for the differential cover bolts? My guess is 13 ft-lbs to 15 ft-lbs. Is that right?



The Saab factory manual states the all 8 mm diameter bolts on the trans case should be torqued to 17-21 ft lbs. When I do any trans work I torque all cover bolts including the differential cover to 18 ft lbs. This has worked well for me.  I am also glad to hear you plan on using a OEM gasket and 10W-30 motor oil. This is the proper way to do this job.
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