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Saab classic 900 rear defroster relay



      Hi, I am a Honda tech and I own a Saab 900 S Convertible. WOW! Is the info. For these cars cryptic or what. I have a couple of tech questions maybe you could help me with. I cannot locate the rear window defroster relay on the car. Is it in the relay panels? I also would like to know if you have readings for seat heater current draw? Mine has very weak output. Lastly, I have an intermittent fuel smell, only when I start the car and it draws fresh air in through the HVAC. I have cleaned and inspected the entire fuel system, looked for leaking fuel injector bodies/seals. No luck on finding this intermittent leak. Any suggestions? It definitely smells like raw fuel.


Your defrost relay should be in a relay panel underneath the back seat. Sorry I do not have a amp reading for the seats. But check to see if you are getting close to battery voltage to the pad when you first turn it on from cold. The seat bottom pad has a sensor that tells a really in the switch how hot the seat is getting if it is sending a bad signal or the switch is faulty you may not get full voltage to the seat heater. As the seat is set to lower settings the voltage supplied is lower. I'm not sure about your gas smell but if I get any ideas I'll drop you a line.
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