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         I have a 1995 Saab 900 with auto trans. When switching from sidelights to headlights, low beam doesn't work, the sidelights and instrument lights go out and the "check gearbox" warning light comes on. Also the rear fog lights stop working. The tech 2 tool doesn't show any problem. The light switch, lamp control, and relays have been changed and all fuses and bulbs checked. The range switch on the gearbox is ok. it has been suggested to try an ICE unit and an ignition switch

I would try an ignition switch this has been a source of a lot of strange problems on the New body 900 1994-98. If you have a Tech 2 scan tool and you get code P0705 in the transmission ECU, and have a known good transmission range switch this can be the fault of the ignition switch.
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