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Saab 900 classic ECU fault No Fuel Pump voltage



      Jason I have a 1989 900 turbo 2.0 liter I can not get power to the fuel pump. I don't even get power to the fuse. I can jump power from another fuse to power it up but I would rather fix the problem. Any simple diagrams on how the fuel pump receives it's power. Also when I jump the fuse it starts and will run but it wont idle well and burns rich if I disconnect the jumper it idles fine but any attempt to give it gas it dies. I have checked and replaced the fuel and power relays and no help any suggestions.

      This is a common problem for the 1989 900. The fuel injection LH computer does not ground the fuel pump relay due to internal problems. This is the most likely cause. Try to find a good computer you can try. Don't drive the car with the fuel pump jumped this can be a hazard.
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