Kemosabe live

Club Deluxe

1509-11 Haight Street

San Francisco, CA. 94117

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Kemo sabe is Nick( Bass), Cary( mandolin), and Simon( guitar )

Current CD : Kemo Sabe a musical mix Punk , Klezmer,bluegrass, gypsy jazz, country, metal and rockabilly.

Kemosabe play monthly at Club Deluxe Wednesday nights and some Fridays. Download their MP3 here for free. Take it down pass it around.
Nick Rocks the stand up bass slapping it Psycho style. Cary cranks the Mandolin like a gypsy on speed while Simon strums the guitar like Billy Zoom on the back of a hay truck. This show is a definite. Come on down and buy the boys a beer.

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Kemo Sabe Plays monthly at Club Deluxe

KEMO SABE - Country/punk

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Current schedual for Kemosabe

01/14/2006 08:00 PM - Station 40 , San Francisco, CA 94101

01/21/2006 08:00 PM - Fillmore lounge fillmore and geary, San Francisco, CA 94117 - Hackensaw Boys and Railroad Earth headline.

02/16/2006 08:00 PM - Coopers , NEVADA CITY, CA 95959 -


"Kemo Sabe, an acoustic trio consisting of mandolin, stand-up bass, and guitar, play modern-day campfire songs with the bare-wire energy of punk rock. At times fast and furious, at other times soft and sweet, their sound kicks around a variety of genres from bluegrass to klezmer, to rock n' roll. Playing such diverse venues as street corners, taco bell, musical saw festivals, and punk rock clubs, they've developed a reputation for zany stage antics and solid picking and slapping." --Mouth of God

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