Club Deluxe

1509-11 Haight Street

San Francisco, CA. 94117

Spend some time at Club Deluxe in San Francisco. The bar was designed in 1949 and still maintains a timeless quality that cannot be manufactured.

Pizzetas offered Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sunday after 7pm current menu-

Club Deluxe Artisan Pizza at 1509 Haight street is now home to Pizza chef Jason . The pizza at Club Deluxe is an artisan pizzetta style pie. The atmosphere at Club Deluxe is reminiscent of an old time New York City jazz house. Red lights glow, the sounds of jazz and people talking waft through the air. The Club Deluxe is also proud of it's staff's expertise in mixology. The bartender's specialties are old time cocktails served up in chilled martini glasses. Club Deluxe offering an artisan pie that is as good for you as it tastes. Leading the way in the San Francisco pizza revolution Jason's pizza is made with Organic unbleached flour, wild San Francisco yeast and without trans fats.

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