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Club Deluxe Pizza- 1509-11 Haight street
San Francisco (415) 552-6949

(MAP) Club Deluxe has a great pizza. Club Deluxe serves pizza after 7PM on. They serve an artisan pizza like no other in the city. This is a cool place they have Jazz bands nightly and a full cocktail bar. Near the corner of Haight and Ashbury the bar was designed in 1949 and still maintains a timeless quality that cannot be manufactured.

Pizzettas offered Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sunday after 7pm current menu-

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San Francisco Pizza

If you are a pizza lover visiting San Francisco it would be in your best interest to source out the best pizza restaurants before arrival. This goes the same if it be on business or holiday. After a hard day of sight seeing in the city it is great to pull out your list of good pizzerias and dart in for a warm tasty slice. Pizza at Club Deluxe is a must while visiting our city. San Francisco has many Pizza restaurants in each neighborhood so deciding on a good one can be hard. There are just as many nasty tasting pizzas as there are good pizzas. San Francisco is not known for it's pizza, but it has many great pizza restaurants. Club Deluxe makes pizza with it's famous San Francisco sourdough. In San Francisco you can get every type of pizza New York, Chicago, California and what I call San Francisco Style. What is San Francisco Style Pizza? Well the style in San Francisco is to be an individual. Doing things the way you like them and not by a set of rules. These are the yummy pizza recipes that San Francisco pizza shop owners have created. Each pizza recipe different than any other shop or style.

Fisherman's Wharf is the most popular Tourist district in San Francisco. Locals try to avoid this area as we consider it over priced Las Vegas version of San Francisco. As a tourist it is worth the trip to see certain undeniable San Francisco things as Alcatraz Island, the Wax museum, Ghirardelli Square and Pier 39.

If you want to experience the real San Francisco the way most of us live it you will have to venture into the neighborhoods. (See Map) Some of the more popular neighborhoods for tourist would be North Beach (little Italy), Chinatown, Haight Ashbury and the Castro. The Golden gate park is also a great place to visit. Although the GG park has no Pizzerias The neighborhoods next to the park do. The GG park lies between the Sunset and Richmond districts and is close to The Haight Ashbury.

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