snap on tools

I was talking to the Snap-On tool salesman about collector tools the other day. I have know a few people who collect old Snap-On tools and was curious if there was a way to know exactly how old a tool was. He then pulled out a chart and explained that the hand tools all have a marking indicating the year the tool was made. This chart went back to 1927 it also included two other stamps emergency and government. I have scanned the chart for Swedish Wrench so you can check your tools. I think some of you might find it interesting. Also you guys buying tools at the flea market be warned tools with the government stamp were sold originally to Uncle Sam and do not carry a life time warranty. My local Snap-On dealer tells me from time to time some one will buy a broken or worn out tool from a garage sale expecting the warranty and are surprised to hear they bought a government issue Snap-On tool.